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The RANDOLPH SYSTEM consists of stackable components that interlock for immediate use. No tools are necessary to assemble the RANDOLPH SYSTEM, and manufacturers can configure the RANDOLPH SYSTEM to fit their needs and processes.

The different components of the RANDOLPH SYSTEM are:


  • RANracks (stackable racks) are interlocking, stackable steel racks that enable the stacking boxes (RANboxes) to be used like drawers.
  • RANtotes (stackable boxes, parts hoppers, and bins) can be stacked or slid like drawers into RANracks. Available in stock and custom sizes, colors and materials.
  • RANpals (pallet bases) enable the system to be used with fork lifts and other material handling equipment.

Randolph also manufactures a variety of metal storage cabinets, nesting containers, and a tilt-bed small parts handler featuring a chute that enables the operator to easily control the flow of parts.

Custom Solutions

The Custom Option: Problems that are beyond ordinary solutions do not take second place at Randolph. Whether solving your problem begins with a trip to the job site or a careful review of blueprints and specifications, Randolph's experience means faster answers to production problems. All custom work is subject to the same careful quality controls, precision manufacturing and prompt delivery schedules that customers have come to expect from Randolph Industries.

For more information, call us toll-free in the U.S.: 1-800-322-2052, ext. 342 from 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM Central Time, or contact us via our "Contact Us" form page.